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Application for Azerous

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Joined: 19 Oct 2010
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Location: Pocatello, Id

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 5:58 pm    Post subject: Application for Azerous Reply with quote

*Name- tpmix

*Race- human

*Class- Dk

*Level- 80

*Armory profile-

*Previous guilds & why you left/got kicked- "legion of dragon", not a active guild, and had allot drama, just wasn't for me.

*Why you are interested in our guild- Have 2 RL friends in it "Bramston and his wife. And I looking for a place to call home so I can lvl in peace for cat and still enjoy having people talk with. I am discussing with my wife about bring my 80 5.9 resto/bear druid over. Yes he is horde on the same server, but I enjoy story lines ect.. So no hating plz

*Did someone recommend you to apply? If so who?- Bramston

*Do you have any previous raid experience?- I have done all ICC content up to LK, and will prolly have title here with in a week, Have raided full content of both nax, uldar, and bc content

*What attunements do you have- On my ally side none, my druid is missing none

*What are you hours of gaming?- Pretty open, got to love calendars

What would make you a good asset to BFH?- In all honesty, It has taken my some time to become a "people person", and to grasp that with this little world of WoW, there are thousands of people, with different attitudes, smiles and how they choose to conduct themselves. Only I have control over myself, And this is why I strongly believe in Karma. If you help others help themselves, if you help out your guild, or just a random Wow nerd, you never know who you just befriended, and how that may help you, or by your own doing showed them how to pas it on.. Yes you can wake a demon, but most of the time you don't.. Its all in how you conduct yourself. A smile is just that.. A smile
When Jair and Slanter return, having saved Brin, they find Garet Jax sitting against a wall, his sword still held in his hand and looking like he might even be sleeping, but on closer inspection they realize the Weapons Master is dead. Of the Jachyra there is no sign, the magic that brought it to the Four Lands has been destroyed, but Jair is convinced the Weapons Master slew his foe before succumbing to his wounds. Nothing mortal could touch him!!!!!!!!!
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