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Thursday, 17 August 2006 09:32

The Boulderfist Heroes is an end game guild dedicated to having fun. Most activities are focused on running ZG, MC, Onyixia, BWL, AQ, Naxx, and whatever will follow.

We strive to maintain a climate of congeniality within the guild by fostering helpful, courteous, and friendly conduct on the part of all members. We value resourceful people of good character, and strive to make BFH the kind of place such people are pleased to call home.

As of this writing (August of 2006) our membership roster includes people aged 12 to 58. We have students, professional people, business people, folks from all kinds of occupations and walks of life. We have moms and dads, men & women, boys & girls. Our membership spans the globe from Australia in the west to Great Britain in the east.

Above all, we value each other as people and friends.

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