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Thursday, 17 August 2006 09:34

Treat your fellow guildies with respect.

This means just what it says. We don’t belittle our guild mates, especially in the company of other players. We don’t swear at other players or call them names. Out of consideration for the sensibilities of others, we strive to keep swearing & cussing to a reasonable minimum.
We ask all players to remember that mistakes are part of the learning process. We all make mistakes. The important thing is to learn and move on. Remember, “Good judgment comes from experience, and a whole lot of that comes from bad judgment.”

Stealing loot is absolutely prohibited.

If you deliberately ninja loot, you will be invited to leave the guild. If you don’t leave, you will be kicked.

If you accidentally take loot to which you are not entitled, you will be warned. If the pattern continues, you will be invited to leave the guild.

The above rule applies no matter the value of the loot; be it white or epic, stealing is stealing.

The above rule applies no matter who the victim is; be it from a guildie or not, stealing is stealing.

Running the 40 man instances outside the guild or inviting other guildies to do so is not allowed.

This applies only to the high level instances on which we are actively working. When an instance is declared by the GM to be officially on “open status”, you can run it with anyone you want. At the time of this writing (October of 2006) the active high level instances are MC, Onyxia, and BWL. None are on open status.
This might seem like an arbitrary rule, but there are good reasons for it. They all come down to this. Experience teaches that end game guilds whose members do not run the end game instances together, break up very quickly. Our GM has personally seen this happen to several guilds; he doesn’t want it to happen to us.
That said, there can be special exceptions to this rule under special circumstances. If, for reasons beyond your control, you cannot run, or haven't been able to run, with the BFH at the scheduled raid time, you can ask your class leader for a special exception to this rule. The granting of such a request is at the class leader’s discretion. Remember, it is your class leader who decides who gets into the raids. Do not abuse his trust. One of the things he considers in deciding who gets coveted slots in a raid is who has been most helpful to the guild. Running the active instances outside the guild is not helpful to the guild.
If such a special exception is granted, it is absolutely prohibited to invite other guildies to join you. While for good cause, your class leader might let you do it occasionally, if others start to follow you, you are doing serious damage to the guild. This cannot, and will not be tolerated.
One more thing. Keep in mind that we are all ambassadors for the BFH wherever we go. Whenever you run with another group, you still are expected to conduct yourself as ladies and gentlemen. Be kind to other players. Respect the raid rules of whatever group you are with. Make us proud.

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