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  1. General Procedures

    We raid to have fun and earn phat lewts. We joke around. We might kid each other on occasion. We raid to have a good time. BUT, it’s rarely a good time when we can’t win the fights. This means that some discipline is required. With that in mind read on:

    Raiding is a team endeavor. For a boss fight to go well, all the raiders of each class must do the jobs required for that fight. This means that you must learn your roles and do your job. You are expected to pay attention and follow directions. Your class leader will call the shots for your class. You are expected to do what the class leader or raid leader requires of you.

    To raid with us you must have installed and have working the following add-ons:

    • TeamSpeak (microphone optional)
    • CT_RaidAssist
    • Decursive - If you are a member of a class which can cleanse de-buffs (Paladin, Priest, Mage, & Druid) you must have, and know how to use Decursive.

    If you are a member of a class that can buff teammates, (Paladin, Priest, Mage, & Druid) you are expected to do just that without being asked. Get your buff assignments from your class leader. If your buffs require reagents, you are expected to arrive at the raid fully stocked with enough to complete the raid. Yes, you buy them at your own expense (no whining allowed).

    You are also expected to arrive fully repaired, and fully stocked with whatever potions you need.

    During the boss fights you are expected to keep quiet on TeamSpeak unless required to give directions to others. Being AFK during a boss fight is not acceptable unless you have permission from your class leader or raid leader.

    Finally, and most importantly, remember that raiding is a learning experience. Mistakes will happen. It’s OK. We learn and move on. What is absolutely unacceptable is to belittle, or cuss at a player who has goofed, especially in a way that other players can hear or read. If you think you are seeing someone make a mistake that needs correction, send them a polite, private tell. Alternately, you can advise the other player’s class leader via private tell. Remember that you will also make mistakes as we move into more difficult fights (oh yes, you will). When that happens, you will appreciate not being embarrassed in front of the whole raid.

  2. The DKP System

    DKP stands for Dragon Kill Points or Dragon Kill Point. Loot distribution depends on players’ DKP standings. DKP are awarded for raiding as shown below:

    • 1pt - For being on time. YOU MUST BE IN THE INSTANCE ON RAID STARTING TIME to gain this point, at the discretion of the Raid Leader.
    • 1pt - For killing a boss, (1 per boss), ONLY IF THE BOSS IS TAKEN DOWN; attempts do not count.
    • 1pt - For being in the raid at the end of the raid.

    DKP is earned and applied after the raid. DKP spent is applied during the raid.

    The more you raid, the more DKP you earn. When you get items of epic loot in the raid, the items’ DKP value is deducted from your earned DKP. When more than one player wants a specific item of loot, it goes to the player with the highest DKP. See Rules of Loot Distribution below for further details.

    MC and Onyxia DKP are combined into one database. BWL DKP is a separate database. We are not currently (Aug. 2006) using the DKP system for ZG or AQ20.

    You can check the current DKP standings at:

    New players are often intimidated by the disparity between their DKP (zero) and the DKP of long time raiders. DON’T BE DISCOURAGED, because almost all of the players who have high DKP, already have the items you seek. We find that the newer players get their set items much faster than those of us who were in on the runs from the beginning of BFH raiding, because when we did it, we were all competing against each other. New players tend to have the field without much competition.

    It is possible (and not the least bit shameful) to “go negative” on DKP. This means you have “spent” more DKP than you have earned. Until you are promoted to a rank above Recruit, you are allowed to go negative to acquire your class set items only. You can’t get other items such as the Staff of Dominance, or the Talisman of Ephemeral Power until your DKP is zero or positive.

    The folks who collect the data and maintain the DKP database try very hard to get it right. However, mistakes are sometimes made anyway. If you find an error has been made, PLEASE TELL YOUR CLASS LEADER ASAP. We will not only correct the error, we will be grateful for your assistance in finding the error. Above all, we seek to keep the DKP system completely fair and impartial.

    However, all that being said, please understand that keeping the DKP database up to date is a lot of work. No one is paid to do it; it is done by volunteers. THEREFORE, we cannot promise to correct an error that is more than 2 weeks old by the time you notify your class leader. Bottom line: Check your DKP early. Check it often. After 2 weeks we don’t want to hear about it.

    One final note: People are always coming up with new and inventive ways to use the DKP system, to accomplish guild goals of one kind or another. Please remember that the most important thing about the DKP system is that it be fair and consistent. For this reason, it’s not a good idea to be constantly tinkering with it.

  3. Rules of Loot Distribution

    All players who run MC, Onyixia, BWL, etc. should know that the BFH has adopted the lists at Kaliban’s Class Loot Lists as The Bible for determining which classes have priority for drops in MC and the other high level instances. Read these lists, because this is how we are going to do it, even though we know some people won't like it. We must have a system for settling these debates; this is it. If you can't live with this, then don't run with us, because we will not suffer any more lost time or heartache on arguments about who can get what loot.

    Here is how it works:

    The data base ranks each item that drops for usefulness to each class using a five star system. If an item is ranked 5 star for your class, then you can get the item if you have more DKP than anyone else in your class and in any other class for which the item is also ranked 5 star. (most items are 5 star for only one class).

    In the event of a DKP tie, the item is rolled for by the tied players.

    If the item is ranked 4 star for your class AND if no one for which the item is 5 star wants it, then you can take the item if you have more DKP than anyone else in your class and in any other class for which the item is also ranked 4 star. etc. ...

    There is one exception to the above procedure. If you want an item which is 4 star for your class, AND if you have 40 DKP more than any claimant for which the item is 5 star, then you get the item by virtue or your hugely superior DKP position. This rule exists to reward players who have really paid their dues in running the raids. It should be noted that the 40 DKP “buffer” is not actually spent; it is only a method for ranking the claimants on an item.

    Finally, it is possible (and not the least bit shameful) to “go negative” on DKP. This means you have “spent” more DKP than you have earned. Until you are promoted to a rank above Recruit, you are allowed to go negative to acquire your class set items only. You can’t get other items such as the Staff of Dominance, or the Talisman of Ephemeral Power until your DKP is zero or positive.

  4. Core Items

    Various mobs in MC drop items like Core Leather, Elemental Fire, Heart of Fire, Fiery Core, and Lava Core. Also, Dark Iron can mined in MC. The bosses drop gold. Scales of Onyxia drop off Onyxia. These items are collected by the raid leader and stored in the guild bank. They are used to make the following items for the Guild (Main Tanks of MC first, then other people)

    These include Greater Fire Protection Potions, Dark Iron Bracers, Dark Iron Gauntlets, Dark Iron Helm, Dark Iron Plate, Flarecore Gloves, Flarecore Leggings, Flarecore Mantle, Flarecore Robe, Flarecore Wraps, Fiery Chain Girdle, Fiery Chain Shoulders, and the Onyxia Scale Cloak.

    The Head of Onyxia is distributed to raid members in order of descending MC/Onyxia total DKP earned. DKP is not spent of the Head of Onyxia.

    The gold is used to pay for repair bots and sometimes potions.

    This is done for the good of the guild.

    Who gets these items first will be based on who attends the raids and who provides the most assistance and insight, follows orders and requests given to them by officers, and is generally all around nice in the guild. (Not swearing in Guild Chat, etc.)

  5. The Raid Calendar

    The raid calendar can be found at

    To see details about a raid just mouse over the raid posting.

    It is also a good idea to check the guild message of the day on a regular basis.

  6. Getting into Raids

    Right now we are not doing sign-ups. We have done so in the past, and probably will again in the future. At this time (Aug. 2006) however, just be in game and ready to go at the scheduled time for grouping. Talk to your class leader about an invite. The decision is his. Please do not pester the raid leader; he has enough issues to deal with at the beginning of a raid. Spamming whispered requests for invites is a sure way to really annoy the people who grant you access to the raid. This is not a wise plan; it will not endear you to them.

    If the raid is already full of your class, you can still earn DKP by farming for items that the guild requires whilst the raid is going on. You will earn DKP as if you were on the raid if you are farming at the times of the various events (i.e. on-time, boss kills, end of raid). Items required include: dreamfoil, stonescale eels, major health & mana potions, elemental fire, [other items as directed]. Farmed items are sent to Bfhbanks. You must notify your class leader (by mail) of time spent farming so he can see that you get the DKP.

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